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    About Employsure

    Employsure is Australia’s leading workplace relation specialist, bringing together almost 400 highly skilled professionals to assist over 10,000 Australian employers succeed by creating fair and safe workplaces for all employees.

    Employsure attracts talented individuals who are passionate about making a difference to businesses the nation over. When you secure a position with us, you have a unique opportunity to work with, and learn from the best, from those who are committed to supporting the success of Australian businesses. In this fast paced, high growth environment, we empower our employees to be better by using their knowledge, intuition and dedication to strive for professional growth, grasping all the opportunities working with us presents.

    We continually focus on safety, work-life integration, overall health and well-being, career progression and competitive remuneration as a priority for all our people.

    When you start with Employsure, you are part of something bigger. Not only will you be working to assist more and more businesses become fair and safe, you are part of an ever evolving and growth company. Employsure continues to receive recognition for innovation, growth, and company culture, receiving the 2015 Growth Company Award of the Year. Employsure ranked #13 in the 2016 Most Innovative companies in Australia list by the Financial Review and also ranked #21 in the prestigious Best Places to Work 2016 list.

    At Employsure, our employees are steadfast in their approach - to empower every employer to achieve business success by building a better business through a better workplace.

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